2 thoughts on “Real Woman”

  1. Hi, I love your pictures. What makes this “Real woman” an atypical model? Is it her body shape? She has a beautiful face. I wish there was a full body picture of her

    1. Hello Keith, forgive my arrogance. The reason I named the picture “Real Woman” is because what we tend to get fed with via the mainstream press are models so perfect in every way, it creates an unrealistic pressure on women to believe that this is the ideal of beauty and unless they achieve that type of a look, they will not be considered beautiful. But while I appreciate women who were both born with the natural beauty genes and put in the work to maintain their striking appearances, the average woman does not look like that. The real woman is not blemish free, perfectly slim and proportionate with round face, full lips, long skinny legs, perky nipples, tight skin and seamlessly round buttocks. Real women have imperfections and it’s these unique imperfections that I celebrate through my pictures.


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