Why Nude?

Nude is Beautiful

I feel that women have been suppressed by societies’ view that nudity or empowerment of their body is “not lady like”. Those people will not understand what a feeling of freedom posing nude brings. I think most women embrace a false view of feminism in an emasculating power trip instead of feminism in a beautiful light. A women is beautiful…a mother, a wife, a sexual goddess, classy yet uninhibited! Nude does not always equal sex and that’s where “we” as a society have to change! It is art at its’ finest, because the only beauty there is what the model holds within!!! But to each their own…a mind may only be unlocked if one is willing to use the key they hold. I’ve always thought it’s a little weird that you can say OMG I love your hair (or eyes, etc)… when maybe her best feature is the way her lower back slopes gently to her buttocks, half-silhouetted by morning window light. A lot of society’s rules don’t make any sense to me; I just memorize them.

Why Nude?

Nude is the beauty in its purest form. Human body as a creation of Mother Nature is an ultimate beauty. Anything that hides this beauty from eyes of admirers is like clouds blocking the view of a beautiful sunsset or lice deforming the beauty of a flower. The primality of it all – Nudes are the most human images.

The image of the human form is timeless. Fashion changes constantly but the human form is consistent. And beautiful. And nude pictures never become dated and never go out of style.

Nudes are “the most intelligent design”. If God had meant bodies to be covered, he would have made them that way. It’s as simple as that. The body is the greatest creation of art. It should be looked at as something beautiful created by GOD. God made us in all sizes, shapes and colors and they are all beautiful.

Everybody is a whole person – humor, sadness, creativity… and everybody has a whole body, not just face and hands. People express themselves with every joint and muscle. Covering any of those with clothes is like stealing off their uniqueness.

There’s a reason that B&W nudes have that “art” reputation… there’s plenty to say with no clothes and a few shades of gray.

Why Do I Photograph Nudes?

I shoot nudes because it is the most honest of photography. Because there is nothing more beautiful in the world to photograph. I like to photograph beauty. Now who out there, male of female, can think of anything more beautiful than the naked female form? Besides, if the whole point is to photograph a person, I like to photograph the person not their wardrobe.

Some people are into mountains and landscapes, or architecture (I’ll confess to a weakness for some of the hypnotizing beauty of wildlife), but as was said before, it’s beautiful human forms that are God’s greatest masterpiece.

It’s all part of a 25,000 year-old tradition. The nude human form is one of the very first subjects ever considered for human art & visual depictions. It’s been there in paintings & drawings & sculptures back to the beginning of time. You can’t possibly find anything more beautiful than a texture and topography of the feminine human form. Besides, everyone is nude under their clothes.

What Nude Models Say About Posing Nude?

  • Posing nude is a liberation. If you are a Model (a Model in the truest form) modeling nude is part of the norm (par the course). If you are an aspiring Model, .. you have not modeled for a photographer nude, you have cheated yourself of the true abilities of a Model… When you have nothing more than yourself, that is when you become a true Model.
  • I model nude because it’s freeing.
  • It makes me feel sexy. It makes me feel beautiful. I love a woman’s bare body.
  • Honestly, I love the thought of someone enjoying a photograph with me in it…nude. It’s very thrilling.
  • Nude bodies make beautiful art.
  • For me, it is the best way of expressing myself through images.
  • I just have a love for art and I like doing it nude.
  • Those who pose nude are: not afraid of the reasons those who do not pose nude claim they are afraid of.

“What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?”

— Michealangelo