Nude Photography by Mark Marek

Welcome to Different Way of Photography, where the beauty of the human form is captured through the lens of a camera. I’m Mark Marek, and I’ve created this website for those who appreciate the artistry of Nude Photography. On this platform, you’ll be able to experience the finest examples of black and white and color fine art nudes, erotic nude photography, artistic nudes, and classical figure photographs.

But that’s not all. My passion for photography extends to the world of erotic fetish artwork and dark gothic photography, which you’ll also find on this site. Some might describe my work as extreme, but always tasteful; deviant, yet pleasing; and sometimes even disturbing, yet always attractive. My photography has been both loved and hated by artists and non-artists alike.

But one thing is for sure – every image on this site represents my deep commitment to capturing the essence of the human form in a sincere, authentic way. Thank you for visiting Sincere Photography, and I hope you enjoy exploring the beauty and artistry of nude photography with me.

What I do NOT do in Nude Photography

Different Way of Nude Photography

As a professional photographer, I have a certain standard when it comes to my work. Let me be clear, I do not engage in the following practices:

  • Cheesy undressing: I believe that the “tease” approach can quickly become clich├ęd and lack creativity, resulting in uninteresting images.
  • Unnatural posing: Tasteless spreading and common porn poses are not something I am interested in. My goal is to create beautiful, natural and tasteful images that capture the essence of my subject.
  • I’m so horny” facial expressions: This type of expression has no place in my work. I aim to create images that showcase the beauty and sensuality of my subjects without resorting to crass or vulgar techniques.
  • Clownish make up: My preference is for natural-looking models with little or no make-up. Heavy or garish make-up can be a distraction and take away from the beauty of the image.
  • Slutty pictures: I have the utmost respect for women and their bodies. I am not interested in creating images that degrade or objectify women. Instead, I strive to create images that celebrate their beauty and power.
  • Quality over quantity: My focus is on creating quality images, not quantity. I do not engage in the practice of quickly shooting hundreds of images to create the impression of more content. Instead, I take my time to ensure that each image is crafted with care and attention to detail.

The Real Deal in Nude Photography

Real Deal in Nude Photography

My models are real people, of all ages and all uniquely attractive. I present them exactly as they are, without any post-production alterations. I don’t use expensive Photoshop plug-ins to smooth their skin or any other means to deceive you with fake appearances. Unlike most other nude photography websites, I don’t have a team of photo retouchers turning my models into perfect porcelain dolls, removing small “imperfections.” To me, it’s these imperfections that make them unique and real. And that’s exactly how these girls are presented to you. If you see a blemish, stretch marks, or pimples on their skin, it’s because it was there when the picture was taken. Everything on my website is authentic, with no lies or deception involved.

Personalities in Nude Photography

Personalities in Nude Photography

My models possess their own unique personalities, and I never alter them in any way. While some of them sport tattoos, piercings, hairy armpits, or dreadlocks, all of which are an essential part of their personality, others have natural bodies without any modifications. They are beautiful and confident women who don’t require a mask of makeup or cosmetic surgery to enhance their natural beauty. You won’t find any artificial enhancements on my site, as I believe that true beauty is found in the genuine qualities of the human form, not in fabricated attributes like silicone implants.

My models exude a natural beauty and charisma that sets them apart from the contrived appearances of pornographic actresses. Through my photographs, I capture the artistry of the human body in its purest and most beautiful form. When you browse my site, you’ll know the difference between my genuine approach to nude photography and the fake and contrived images found elsewhere.

Inclusivity and Respect

However, while I typically do not photograph women with fake breasts, I once made an exception at the request of a kind and respectful woman who approached me about working together. Although I have personal rules about photographing women with augmented breasts, I ultimately decided to make an exception in her case out of respect for her and her wishes. I believe in being inclusive and respectful, and sometimes that means making exceptions to my own personal preferences. At the end of the day, what matters most to me is that my models feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, and I’m happy to work with them in whatever way they feel best represents themselves.

Intimacy in Nude Photography

Intimacy in Nude Photography

Through my photographs, my models reveal their true selves and allow you to experience a deep level of intimacy with them. By shedding their clothes, they are not hiding behind an alter ego or a constructed identity. Rather, you get to see them as they truly are. Clothing often serves as a mask, creating a certain image or identity that people want to project. In contrast, nudity reveals more of a person’s authentic self.

It is my belief that nudity is natural and beautiful, as evidenced by the creation story of Adam and Eve. Clothing is a social construct that often serves to separate us from our natural state. By embracing nudity, we can connect more deeply with our true selves and with each other. So let us cast off the clothes that society has told us we need and embrace the natural beauty of the human form.

18+ Only !!!

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