Photographer Mark Marek

I’ve noticed that many photographers and models refer to themselves in the third person, so I thought I’d give it a try!

How the heck did he get here? Would you believe that he never cared about taking pictures while growing up? Or that he got a degree in Electrical Engineering, only to never work in the field? In fact, it wasn’t until 2003 that he got his first camera. And would you believe that he landed his first paid photography gig just three weeks after learning how to use it? It’s all true.

He absolutely loves photography, so much so that he refused to take any classes. He believes that art is subjective, and that no one can tell you whether something is good or bad. As they say, “One Man’s Pooh is Another Man’s Cake.” So, he decided to pave his own way and develop his own style, without the influence of a tutor.

Back to the first person

I’m actually an educated videographer who turned into a self-taught photographer. I still see the world through a lens, but now I capture still images instead of moving ones. I had quite the career going as a videographer, with various gigs for a national TV station and a reputable video studio. I worked as a video camera operator, doing Avid and Discreet Logic post-production editing. Later, I started playing around with 3D animations and special video effects, and even worked as a 3D artist on the computer game Bloodline by Zima Software from Prague, Czech Republic. But my passion for photography eventually surfaced, and here I am.