Nude Photographer

I’ve noticed a lot of photographers and models refer to themselves in the 3rd person, so I thought I’d give it a try!!

How the heck did he get here? Would you believe he grew up never caring about taking pictures? Would you believe that he got master’s degree in Electrical Enginering yet he never worked in the field? Would you believe that it was in 2003 when he got his first camera? Would you believe he got his first paid photography gig 3 weeks after he’d learnt how to use the damn thing? Seriously, this is all true. He absolutely loves photography. He loves it so much that he refused to take any photography classes. He believes art is a subjective form and as such no one can tell you if this is good art or bad art. As some say “One Man’s Pooh is Another Man’s Cake” and so he, not willing to get influenced by some tutor, decided to pace his own way and developed his own style.

**Back to 1st person**

That’s right folks, I’m an educated videographer turned self thought photographer. I myself say that I’m still looking at the world through the lens, only I switched moving pictures for still ones. I actually had quite the career going as a videographer. After various gigs for a national TV station, I joined a reputable video studio and worked as a video camera operator also doing Avid and Discreet Logic post-production editing. Later on I started meddling with 3D animations and special video effects, and worked as a 3D artist on the computer game Bloodline by Zima Software from Prague, Czech Republic. My hidden passion for photography eventually surfaced and here I am.