The Mistress

Photo: Like Feeling My Own Pussy

The Mistress

The central theme of this photo set was the idea of “a powerful mistress caught in a moment of weakness” The only source of light I used was a continuous stage flood I keep for video productions. My oh-so-popular wide lens was the only option as the room we took these pictures in is extremely tiny. It was an empty cellar room with ugly walls and low ceiling which means it served the purpose really well.

The Mistress set portrays emotions of an otherwise powerful mistress, who was caught in a moment of weakness. She wants to be seen as a powerful woman who’s got firm control over herself and others, it’s just a facade hiding the weakening soul.

Ivana did an excellent job posing and balancing on the stool in high heels. My ex did a fantastic job handling the flood and the diffuser. Feel the touch of emotion with The Mistress in distress.

I believe “nude art meets fetish photography” would be a good enough description of this gallery. The dagger which you can see in some of the pictures came from my collection of medieval weaponry I am a big fan of. While daggers are not that typical of BDSM, I think it added a nice touch to the theme.

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    1. yeah mark…didnt know you liked to cross dress. oh nice tramp stamp, matches the shade of the glasses we sheeple put on everyday. was the shoot done in mommys basement/your bedroom?

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