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Mirrors, when used right, can be a very useful prop for photographers. Nude photography in particular can hugely benefit from proper positioning of models against mirrors as reflections offer views of their bodies that are on the other side from the lens. These reflections give pictures a new dimension and offer deeper perspective.

I used wide lens for these images, mostly because the bathroom where we did reflections was about 1 meter by 1.5 meters of square footage – in other words it’s barely spacious for one person. You put two people in there and it’s utterly cramped.

The mirror in the bathroom we used covered one whole wall which made the space look much bigger than it really was. I would use wide angle lens even if the space was much larger, but in this case it was necessary anyway.

I had one studio strobe inside the room with no diffusers at all – no umbrellas, softboxes, grids – nothing but the bare bulb. This way the strobe sent light in all directions, eliminating a chance of shadows and lowering a chance of glare from mirror reflections.

One of the images in this set has a bit of me in it. I intentionally added a huge ass arrow in the pictures to make me easier to see.

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