Pubic Hair

Photo: View of the Real Woman Between Her Thighs

Pubic Hair

Pubic Hair is one of these photo sets that took a whole day to capture right. It was only when the sun started setting that I was offered lighting conditions I was after. The biggest obstacle we were facing while shooting Brooke’s pubes were of course – mosquitoes. Gosh I hate those parasitic lowlives.

I went for shallow depth of field though that presented challenges of its own. It wasn’t obvious during the shoot, but taking a look at the pictures afterwards revealed that many pubes that should be in focus appeared soft due to fine vibration caused by evening breeze.

I must admit I enjoyed shooting what I would refer to as “the real woman” profusely. In this day and age, when women are brainwashed to believe that plastic look commonly sported by porn stars is what appeals to real men, it is refreshing to see women who retain natural looks.

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  1. If it is “art site” why here is “All models appearing on this nude photography website were over the age of 18 when photographed”? Is there no right for under 18 to be photographed? Do you know that there is no age limit for art work?

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