Photo: Every Man's Dream


MJ did this photoshoot with so much ease you would never tell she was a first time nude model. She arrived all smiley, happy and ready to rock and roll. And rock and roll she did.

Her body is a combination of fabulous musculature and sensual curves an appreciator of tight physiques could die for. Add to it her beaming smile and you have one sexy beast.

Casual nude photography photo shoots are really cool. It’s when you forget that the camera and lights are there and just have fun without clothes. It adds new perspective to the art of nude photography as a whole. It’s not art, but it’s pleasing for the finest of senses. It’s pretty – it’s casual nude photography.

One thought on “MJ”

  1. This woman is the sexiest one to date that you have shot. Her personality shows in her facial expressions. She loves what she is doing. Very erotic.

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