Leather in the Sun

Photo: Perfectly Round Ass Cheeks Stand Out Well in This Picture

Leather in the Sun

I shot with Ivana many a time but even the most prolific photographer/model relationship starts with the first time photoshoot during which you kind of get to know each other. Pictures in this gallery are from the very first time me and Ivana worked together.

The sole fact that we ended up shooting many more times in the future is a testament to how well we clicked. I found Ivana to be a very open and enthusiastic model which makes my job easier and that reflects well throughout the pictures.

We held this shoot on one of the first warm days of the Spring. The snow had just melted but weather was still unpredictable with frequent drops in temperature so we were glad to see the sun come out and keep us warm whole day. It allowed us to keep the model naked without freezing her numb.

Ivana brought her leather jacket along so we used it for pictures along with her g-string, fishnets, garter belt and high heels. No digital skin smoothing has been done in post-production. What you see in these pictures, as with all my pictures is what you would get if you were there.

The photos were taken by the museum in Vegreville, Alberta. There was a building with main highway right behind it, but it was Saturday, the museum was closed and nobody was around so we were able to go topless without anyone snooping around. No artificial lighting was used in this photo sessions, however I tagged a gold reflector along to help with shadow softening as sun was rather harsh.

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