Harley Boots

Photo: Smooth, Round Ass Cheeks

Harley Boots

This is Nicky. We met on the day these pictures were taken. She wore these really awesome Harley Davidson boots which literally begged to be photographed on a naked chick.

The office chair you see in pictures is the very same one I’m sitting on right now. It’s my computer desk chair I use when I work on my computer.

What made the shoot most memorable was that it was the first time I worked with a model who was taller than me. At 5’11” I may not the tallest guy around, but it’s a decent height to have most woman tilt their head upwards to look me in the eyes. Up to this point, every single model I had worked with was significantly shorter than me. Not anymore.

So there you have it – the tallest model on my site photographed nude with just Harley boots on. I used black muslin backdrop and two strobes to light up these fine art nudes. For some pictures, I only triggered one:

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