Guitar Hero

Photo: The Star Effect on the Guitar Fretboard Was Added Digitally Using Photoshop

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero photoset was shot in a graveyard way out in the bush, far from any signs of civilization so I was able to do these outdoor nudes without anyone snooping around or otherwise disturbing the set.

The idea for the nude Guitar Hero came from the fact that Ivana, one of the models, plays bass in a band. Combining a hot naked chick with a bass guitar and a graveyard seemed like a pretty solid bet so we went for it. Wanda, the other girl, liked the idea as well and joined us for the pictures.

Sun was scorching hot, mosquitoes were going nuts, but we drove for about an hour anyway and got right down to shooting. Even though there was nobody around, we respected the graveyard for what it was and left it the same way we found it, always asking for permission to use the grave before actually using it. It was a very spiritual experience and this is the outcome:

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