Fine Art Nudes

Photo: Like Body Sculpted by Roman Gods

Fine Art Nudes

I did these Fine Art Nudes with MJ who is a marathon runner so she’s super fit with body that’s well toned and firm. Body like that is a treat to light up for fine art photography. I used my heavy duty black muslin for dark background and two strobes to light the model up.

Fine art nude photography puts more focus on artistic appeal so posing, lighting and composition are more important than erotic value of each image. MJ made my job in achieving it easy and I believe it shows in the gallery:

3 thoughts on “Fine Art Nudes”

  1. I have to say, she is absolutely beautiful. I honestly like the natural looking unshaven women without the implants. Not something you see a lot of anymore, especially so well photograped. Thank you for this Skye.

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