Exclussive Backstage Pass

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Exclussive Backstage Pass

Exclusive Backstage Pass is a set of pictures I took of my nude models taking a break during the photoshoot. These are not staged in any way and are pretty much just snapshots. In my studio I have a chesterfield area which is available to models to use during breaks and sometimes when they do, my camera continues snapping.

Girls will always be girls so the backstage area gets pretty messy with all the make-up stuff and other items of frequent use but I’m not without sin either. I have bags of lenses, a bunch of cables and other essentials each photo backstage area is full of and you can see it all in this photo set.

It goes without saying that nude models are content with their own bodies and see nakedness as nothing to be ashamed of. As a result, they don’t see a reason to cover up between the shoots and this gallery is the document of it all:

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