Photo: Some of the Best Boobage I Have Ever Photographed


Brooke was a love at first sight. I noticed her when I was shooting a gig of my friend’s band. After the concert, Brooke went to shake hands with said friend so I asked who she was. She hooked us up, we scheduled the shoot and this is the result.

Brooke was definitely a pleasure to work with. She’s both a great model and a fun person to hang around. Shortly before the shoot, Brooke shaved her hair and donated it to a cancer patient. When I first saw her at that concert, she still had her original hair with dreads, but she parted with a few days later for a good cause.

All pictures were taken in my studio against black background with two strobes. Brooke showed up with razor blade claiming that she was unsure if I wanted her pubes shaved. I explained to her that I shoot natural women and do not alter their appearance. I want my models to be themselves, the way they would be if they were not scheduled for the photoshoot that day. Brooke wears no make up in any of the pictures. This gallery depicts as natural a woman as they get.

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