Brooke and Margaret

Photo: Backs Against the Wall, Pelvis Thrusted Forward, Low Lying Camera

Brooke and Margaret

Brooke and Margaret never met before and this was their very first time even meeting me. When Margaret arrived in the studio, I had already been shooting with Brooke for a while. Having seen that the shoot was in full swing, Margaret didn’t waste any time, took her clothes off and joined us for these pictures.

Shooting with two models who were as excited as I was to get good pictures done allowed me to unleash my photographic imagination and turn it into this set. A photographer’s vision, when complemented with cooperative models can mix originality with weirdness and result in unique imagery that proves nude photography doesn’t always look repetitive.

I used 4 studio strobes to light these pictures up with. Two were used to illuminate the models and 2 I pointed directly into the wall behind them to make it looking bright. White wall also bounced some of the strobe light back into the models for an fine backlight.

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